RA MAME core too slow !!

Dig supports only MAME core on RA (32 bit). Games open but they run like they are in slow motion.... Does anybody know a solution to this ??


  • I'd reccomend not using the retroarch mame core and getting a standalone version of mame

  • and how I will use the standalone version of mame from DIG ?

  • Download mame4droid and then in dig select mame4droid as the emulator

  • But in Dig there is only Retroarch(MAME) to choose..

  • The first 3 in the list of emulators




    I personally use the 2nd one.

  • Ah jeez man just realised your asking in gp32. Sorry thought you were talking about arcade games.

    Never tried this one.

    Again sorry for wasting your time

  • Ok never mind... maybe emulation for GP32 with RA is problematic..

  • I find mame retroarch slow anyway. How do you find it for arcade games? Are you getting full speed on them?

  • On arcade games retroarch (mame core) is perfect ! On GP32 is like slow motion...

  • Might be worth asking on the retroarch forums to see if there are any known issues

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