List too big to load I believe

Hello, I am having a problem here with Commodore 64 as I have over 11300 roms in the list the Dig happens to generate a blank with such a big list I think this might be a memory bug due to the size of this section being so extensive would like to hear your thoughts or maybe request a bug fix


  • Are you using gamebase roms for that size?

    I had no problem with gamebase roms and included the cartridge disk and tape directories too, I've took the main game base directory off now because of the way the files are named made it difficult for cover scanning.

    In total I have over 50000 games and when I go to the all games section they all load up quickly.

    So it might be memory but I would think it would load long lists as a batch to prevent this.

  • Thanks for the response actually sometimes the list loads sometimes it doesn't at startup appreciate it though thanks

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