Neogeo/mame confusion and woe

Some games that are classed as mame only seem to work in FBA not mame eg gunbird 2.

These games don't show up in either neogeo OR mame sections for me.

But they do play in the appropriate emulator in RA.

I think if there was a way to manually specify path to specific folder for specific system with specific emulator it could avoid this.


  • Manage system -rom paths does this doesnt it?

  • That's the kind of thing but it doesn't work.

    I have gunbird 2 (and others) in the neogeo folder (all games that use FBA rather than mame).

    Dig chooses to ignore gunbird and strikers 1945 2 etc. Maybe they aren't in the database but that seems unlikely. They play via RA but don't show up anywhere in dig.

  • So those games are technically arcade games not neogeo but they work better in FBA which is why I've got them there. I'd like dig to let me override it's decision making on some stuff.

  • It be nice if you could add files as well as folders then you could manually add them.

    You havent got merged view on have you? They may have been added to the wrong game.

    Happened to me just last night. Was missing a couple of scumm games then when I went to split view I found them but they had been given the wrong name.

  • I don't have merged on.

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