Latest RetroArch cores SNES N64

Hi, would it be possible to add the new RetroArch BSNES HD core?

Also 'RetroArch (Mupen65Plus GLES3)' doesn't seem to work for me. The core is called 'Mupen65Plus-Next GLES3' in RetroArch, not sure if that is a recent name change which may have broke DIG.

The core works fine if I launch RetroArch and load the core myself but if I launch a game through DIG I eventually get a not responding message.




  • appologies I hadn't noticed the 'edit emulator' option until I purchased the full version, I have both cores added and working now.

    I was correct about 'Mupen65Plus GLES3' being renamed, I just had to add the -Next to the core name.

    One more question, is there a way to stop the default retroarch overlays from appearing? Seems like DIG is inserting them somehow, I'm using physical buttons so don't need them, if I launch RetroArch manually I have it set to use the 'imersive' overlay but DIG overwrites this

  • Have you reset your retroarch config file in the dig options? This should set the config to whatever your normal retroarch config is.

    If that doesn't work there is also an option when you manage the game/systme to select a retroarch overlay.

  • Thank you, I hadn't noticed the 'retroarch overlay' option in each system

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