Cover scanning and renaming

Hi Dig

I have over 50000 games and really impressed with the speed Dig shows them especially when I go to all games.

I'm having an issue with auto cover downloading through. It's taking forever. The bulk of my games are c64 and spectrum roms. What I want is for these to be scanned last and covers for my other systems to be downloaded first. The c64 and spectrum ones are the ones that seem to be downloading. Is there a way I can stop these downloading till the others have been completed?

Please could you add an option so that when a game is renamed it asks if all merged files are to be changed too? I needed to rename an amiga game with multiple disks. When I renamed it unmerged 1 disk at a time so had to rename all of them.

Would it also be possible to add an option to rematch/rename merged roms. Eg: I had a game where it had been merged with its sequel. I wanted to rematch 2 of the disks back to the original game and leave the others matched to the sequel. I know I can view split games but I was thinking when you click to start a game and it gives you the rom selection you could rematch/rename roms at this point.

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