Generic USB Joystick?

I have a generic USB gamepad plugged to my tablet (via otg usb) and the buttons maps to keycodes 188 to 203 (KEYCODE_BUTTON_1 to KEYCODE_BUTTON_16) but Android assumes all these buttons as simple "Confirm" buttons (Button 2 does not work as back button, for instance).

Is there any way I can remap these buttons so that they work like they should if they were XBOX style buttons?


  • What happens when you try to configure your joypad buttons in the dig options?

    You can get button remapping software from google play that might help

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    No difference :s

    All buttons default to the same "confirm" action, and (the action mapped to Button A cannot be changed whatsoever). I can still resort to touch controls but it'd be nice if there was a way to assign additional buttons to actions, in the same way the xbox buttons can be done through that options menu (Button remapping solutions require root, which I can't do rn).

    At least they all default to confirm so technically speaking 1 button and D-PAD is enough to navigate through all the menus

  • Have you tried tincore key mapper.

    Can be used without route. If anything is going to work for you it is probably that one.

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