Dig on Nvidia Shield using 32 bit Retroarch


Sorry for the repost, but I think you might have missed my message in the comments of the past announcement.

I wonder where to find the beta version of dig to connect it with my sideloaded 32 bit Retroarch : the Android TV version of the playstore page displayed on the Shield does not display "join the beta", so I'm stuck.

That's really annoying because most of the Mame cores of Retroarch are not available in 64 bits, and I'm just missing the option to explicitly launch the 32 bit version of RetroArch from Dig to have my system back up and running.

Could you provide a direct apk download link for betas (present and future) somewhere on this forum ?

Anyway, hope we find a way soon to clean the mess this sudden Google decision made !

Thanks for the hard work, your app is fantastic, one of the 3 I actually bought with real money :)


  • If you can go on the app store on your phone or pc with the same account and sign up to the beta, it should remember this setting on the tv and automatically download the beta version as long as the beta is compatible with your device.

    I don't have the option on my TV either so did it on my phone. It might not download straight away it could take a few hours.

  • Thanks ! I confirm this method worked for me : it seems joining an app's beta channel on the Play store does so for the whole account across any device, not only on the device you register on (I thought it would, so I did not try it).

    Workaround found for this problem, thanks again :)

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