Game file duplicate after manual matching

I'm having an issue when I manually matching my Amiga games that after I match I get a new entry that is correct but it's like it leaves the original for me to match again. After I do match again if I want to play a game I get a list with multiples of the same file name.


  • Is this where you have multiple copies of the same game or different disk numbers?

    Check the option for the rom paths and see if the same paths are listed multiple times if so delete all the repeated paths

  • No same file names, granted yes I have multiple versions of some games the file paths will show as duplicates so if there are two versions of a game I'll have four to pick from in the play menu. The image Im attaching shows one I just did with only one version.

  • If you go to manage system and then rom paths and check in there for duplicate entries. I think if you scan while it's already scanning it duplicates the paths so just delete the duplicate path from there.

    I had to do it with my snes games

  • I definitely checked that, there is only one.

  • Is it just the one folder or are they in sub folders?

    If it has listed the main folder and the sub folder then it might show the game twice.

    If that's not it then I'm sorry I couldn't help and hope you get your answer

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