Multiple instances of game title

The UI would be improved by having just one instance of the game title on the game page. Right now, this is what you see when you select a game...

The title is in the top left, and then repeated again above the main details. If you count the box cover, the title is technically on screen three times. The repetition on creates visual clutter.

It's also an issue with some themes, where longer game titles do not fit cleanly in the space provided...

I don't see the practicality of having the game title in the top left, it would be better to remove it, or at least give theme designers the capability to turn it off.

Thanks for considering my suggestion!


  • I think one is the file name and one is the information from a sort of wiki page? I could be wrong, brand new user here!

  • edited August 2019

    The top left instance is part of a toolbar. It's telling you what "page" of the app you're on. When you go up one level, it tells you what system you're in and number of games in the system library, such as "Nintendo Entertainment System (152)". It's not that the game title is there for no reason, it's that its redundancy is unnecessary UI clutter, and makes it harder to create unique themes.

    Just a disclaimer: I'm not being critical for no particular reason. Dig is the best Android frontend around, and my critique is intended to improve the user experience. I want Dig to survive and grow even as other frontend competitors enter the market.

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