Support for NSB NAS?

Hi. I really love the look and features of this front end, but the apparent lack of support for NAS simply means I cannot use it. All my ROMs are on a 1tb disk attached to my network via OpenMediaVault on my Pi 4. Storing them locally on my Android box simply isn't an option as it only has 16gb and mapping the NAS to a local mount point isn't possible.

Is there any chance adding this feature will be a possibility? I notice there are other frontends that allow this, but I'm not fond on the looks and features of any of them.


  • I fixed this by going back to stock on my Shield TV, which offers the ability to connect NAS as a local mount point, unlike the custom firmware I was using. Unfortunately, with the limitations of Android TV, I'm now missing a few features I'd like to have but not having to hold 200gb of roms locally is more important.

    Just to say again, I love this frontend. The best out there with the fastest scraper I've ever seen (Arc Browser runs at a snail's pace in comparison for example). 👌

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