How to launch games?

I'm unsure how to start games. I have them all as adfs but they dont start.

It launches the emulator and that's it


  • There seems to be an issue with uae4arm. There was a recent update at the beginning of September that stopped games launching.

  • hey thanks Dibnah.

    This has actually been resolved. I had a typo in the uae4arm settings so it wasn't pointing to the correct Dig path. Then I needed to make sure my kickstart roms had been scanned by Dig and given the correct names.

    I am currently using the Beta version of uae4arm. I needed to extract the apk file on my phone and then transfer it to my TV.

  • no problem, stick with that version, the google play version just goes to a black screen as of one update of UAE4arm back. The previous version was fine

  • I had that issue with the version I'm using. It happens if the kickstart path or file is wrong.

  • Can anybody upload a working version for DIG of uae4arm with all settings (bios etc) ready to play ?  

  • For uae4arm just sign up to the beta and download it. If you cant download it on your device then download it on a different one and use apkextracter to extract the apk file and transfer it to the device you use.

    Kickstart roms are copyrighted so it will be illegal to share them.

    You should be able to find them on Google. Check which ones uae4arm is compatible with. You need the A500 and A1200 kickstarts. Then look for my question where Dig tells you how they should be named and make sure they appear in your amiga list on dig

  • Ok I installed uae4arm beta but I can not change the path in "Configuration file" from "/storage/0123-4567/Android/data/atua.anddev.uae4arm/files" to "storage/emulated/0/Dig/Emuconfig/UAE" !! It seems that the browser of uae4arm can not read my SD folder "storage/emulated" !!!!

  • Are you changing that the paths menu of uae4arm?

    You need to change it in the SDL options that come up as uae4arm is loading.

    When its launching click to change the device configuration then change the Data installation location. Point it to


    This is where it creates the uae config files.

  • Ok I changed the target location from SDL options. But now when I load a game from DIG it opens uae4arm and stay in the Quickstart screen with DF0 field empty. 

  • Does dig list the kickstarts?

  • Just thinking. I had an issue where uae4arm couldn't access my drives file system.

    Based on what you said you might have the same issue.

    The Beta version fixed this for me.

    You might want to open uae4arm and just try to access your adf location manually. type in the filepath in the filepath box to see.

    Also check in the dig uae folder and locate the create cfg file and just check it has the correct filepaths for the games and kick roms.

  • Problem is that from uae I can not go to the external SD card (storage/0123-4567/) where I have the Amiga roms. It gives me access only to /storage/emulated/0 folders !

  • That does suggest filesystem of the external drive causing the issue. Mine is NTFS and is ou compatible with the latest release

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