How do I download and install a theme?

How do I download and install a theme? Where do I need to put the zip file? Do I unzip it and put it somewhere?


  • Here in the forum has several options of themes, when downloading do not unzip anything leave it the way it is. In the main menu, enter options, go to the themes menu and then install themes and just browse where you downloaded and install.

  • I went into the app, went to “browse the mess” and attempted to click on the zip file link, but it’s not doing anything / downloading.

    I can, however, download it on a PC. Is there a place I can put the file manually for the app to read it?

  • Try this.

    Just download the theme ZIP to your PC.

    Then,transfer it to your device you want to install it on.

    Now open Dig,go to options,scroll down to themes,scroll down to install theme and browse/navigate to where it is on your device.

    But you should also also be able to download and install from the 'browse themes' options in Dig as well.

  • In option menu, go to app, it will say use external links , click on that then you should be able to download the theme links then 👍

  • External browser sorry lol

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