Unified Arkade

edited September 15 in Themes

Credit to huntsman for his awesome arkade720 theme on which this is built upon. I've expanded support to 81 out of the 84 supported systems, created new system icons and added new system backgrounds snapped from launchbox Unified theme videos.

Submitted by Unified Arkade - chalotron79@gmail.com

Download - 61.5MB



  • The best theme ever. Thanks. But i recomend to add light 8bit music into it

  • This is super nice!

  • can you please create CPS 1 CPS 2 and CPS 3 ? thats the only thing i'm really missing i just love it,

  • For me whats missing is neo geo pocket + neo geo pocket color + wonderswan + wonderswan color + cps1 + cps2 _+cps3

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