Problem with rom de sega cd

Hello everyone, I have a problem and I turn to you since I am going crazy and I do not get it to work and it is the sega cd pop mail game, I downloaded the rom of a lot of sites and none works for me, if it is in .bin / .cue does not recognize it and if it is in .iso with files in .mp3 it recognizes it but when it leaves the screen of sega with sonic it does not happen from there. Does anyone work for you or is it my thing? Thank you.

By the way with retroarch it doesn't work for me either, I use MD.emu and there are games that work perfectly. a greeting


  • Probably best to try a .CSO file. Try converting your files. Look for a cue/bin to cso converter.

    Also make sure you got the correct bios files. You will need a different bios for each of the 3 regions. Other games may work because you already have the correct bios for those regions

  • OK, I'll see what you say. Thanks for your help

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