Foreground Image/System background folder

DIG keeps improving at a tremendous rate and I love that the foreground image option is here but why only in"Defaults". I would love this option to be in Systems , Games etc.

I tried it and i had it covering important things in options and such.

I also noticed that if you have "SYSTEMS BACKGROUND FOLDER" enabled it replaces the background image in the next window if there is one. For instance my Sci-fi theme displays system backgrounds for the "Systems" page but in the "Games" page instead of the "Background images and videos" file you have selected (in my case it was a space themed window) it will instead show the previous image from the "SYSTEMS BACKGROUND FOLDER".

Anyways keep on keeping on man.👍️


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    Oh and in case your your wondering i had the problems with the latest beat update 1.37 beta 2 but i have reverted back to 1.37 beta 1 until this gets resolved.

  • Hey Sephiroth, for the game page to display the system background, you must select the system background folder on each of the settings pages.... so where you set your system background folder for the system page.... set the same folder for the game and game description pages to have the system specific background display when looking at games or games detail

    for the foreground issue I do not know how to use it has the foreground image covers menus... sorry cant help for this one.

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