Foreground Image/System background folder

DIG keeps improving at a tremendous rate and I love that the foreground image option is here but why only in"Defaults". I would love this option to be in Systems , Games etc.

I tried it and i had it covering important things in options and such.

I also noticed that if you have "SYSTEMS BACKGROUND FOLDER" enabled it replaces the background image in the next window if there is one. For instance my Sci-fi theme displays system backgrounds for the "Systems" page but in the "Games" page instead of the "Background images and videos" file you have selected (in my case it was a space themed window) it will instead show the previous image from the "SYSTEMS BACKGROUND FOLDER".

Anyways keep on keeping on man.👍️


  • edited July 2019

    Oh and in case your your wondering i had the problems with the latest beat update 1.37 beta 2 but i have reverted back to 1.37 beta 1 until this gets resolved.

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