controller does not work for mupen64

hi all.

i took a test drive of the app, today. i used the SUPER MARIO from the Mupen64 front end.

i quickly saw mario fall asleep and no controller action can wake him! none of the n64 games work. at first i thought it was Dig, to be at blame, then i tried the Murpen64 front end itself. nope, does not work. the problem is with murpen64. ah...but there seems to be no help on the internet, the only thing i found was something from 2018 saying that the controllers do not work well with this app but we are working on it!

yeah....six months later!

i have a nvidia shield tv with its own controller. controller does not work with mupen64 front end!

maybe i can find a better front end for n64 games. i ask here in these forums as maybe someone here had this issue and found a fix.



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