Damon PS2 does not load.

When I click on a Ps2 Game I get "Oops, something went wrong launching this emulator. Please email the name of th emulator to digdroidapp@gmail.com"

I sent an email saying "Damonps2" alittle over a week ago. Still not supported.


  • yes I got that error too

  • Just curious.

    You guys got PS2 roms running well have you?

    2D and 3D games? If so can I ask on what device?

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    you need at least snapdragon 855 (7 nm) device , like lg g8 or v50, glaxy s10 , mine is v30 (sd 835) which is laggy for daemon ps2, not playebale even, some games might be playable, you can search youtube about.

  • Retroarch just released the "play.libetro.android.so" core for ps2 games but I've no idea how well it plays anything. Might be worth a look though.

  • So far I can only run Capcom vs. Snk 2 and Capcom Fighting Evolution perfectly, everything else either runs slow or very glitchy.

    I'm running the emulator on the Nvidia shield tv.

  • I wish everyone could stay focused and help answer this question asked.

    I need assistance. Is there a way yo get help with this software???

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