Five Bugs For Thee

  • Anbernic RG552
  • Android 7
  • Dig version 1.43.3

First problem:

When selecting a screenshot for a game, if I use the "Your Device" option, then "select folder using the storage access framework", the box cover is updated instead of the screen shot. If I use DIG's interface, and go to /storage/emulated/0, then my subpath, the screenshot is updated as expected. This is for all systems I believe, but I tested it with N64 and Sharp X68000.

Second Problem:

This one started after the last update, I think. Almost every time I return from retroarch, and sometimes even when switching between apps, the keyboard pops up in DIG. It doesn't happen with stand alone emulator apps. The software back button is needed to close the keyboard -- the hardware back button (B) doesn't work. This is highly annoying, because on the Anbernic the software back button is hidden and I need to swipe up to display it.

Third Problem:

This one also started after the last update. Even when there are no pending wrench actions, the screenshots will often show with a pink rotating "loading" circle in the preview pane. Turning off wifi makes the loading circle go away. Set view to List and turn on preview pane to reproduce, when there is no wrench visible.

Fourth Problem:

Again, I think this started after the last update. Either that, or it started when I passed a database size threshold. On some, but not all systems, the box cover images reload four times before I can interact with the DIG interface. For instance, I'm in the systems menu, I select "Sega Saturn", and it opens with the box covers all displayed. Then they go blank, and are redisplayed. Blank again, reloaded again. It happens four times. After the last time I can scroll and operate as normal. This reloading stuff also happens immediately after returning from a game.

Fifth problem:

If I add my rom paths using DIG's browsing menu, DIG cannot write to it that path. Normally not a problem, except for X68000 games, because of that neat DIG feature to create a playlist automagically. However, if I select the rom path using the "select folder using the storage access framework", the directory is read-write, and DIG can create the playlist files without problems.

That's it for now. This is a great front end, and I really hope all the bugs get worked out. It's usable right now, but it could be spectacular if everything worked. It's so much faster than anything else I've used so far.



  • Actually, we'll make it six. I reported this earlier but I think it got lost.

    Some imports take a ridiculous amount of time, and cause systems and games to not display even when the wrench is not shown, and my device's fans turn on and it is working hard. It looks like that for some reason the genre section of the description is in some kind of nearly infinite loop, and is filling up the database with garbage. It took nearly ten minutes for this screen to display, and I scrolled and scrolled and scrolled and never got to the end of it.

    Tapping that field brings up the edit screen with the checkboxes. Simply pressing "ok" fixes the entry and the dragging GUI starts working properly again. This seems to happen mostly with games that have multiple disks, or if there are two of the same game with different names ("Die Bahnwelt" and "Die Bahnwelt (English)" in my case).


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