DIG uses over 3 GB on Sony TV. Running out of space. Impossible to move data to other devices.

edited November 2022 in Bug reports

Hello, I'm a paid user.

There is a major problem with Dig for Android TV. I moved everything I could on other storages through Dig's Option Menu, yet Dig uses over 3 GB on my Sony TV's main storage, so I have less than 100MB left.

I have plenty of free space on an external HDD and on a USB Stick but for some reason Dig just wants to store those 3GB on my TV's main storage that is only 6GB big.

I have noticed that unlike other apps like VLC, Dig doesn't allow to move its app data on a USB Stick, which could be the solution to the problem.

I repeat, this problem is very serious, I hope the devs see my message and can help.

I thank them for making such a great piece of software.

Cedric from Paris.

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