DIG not displaying box art that has already been downloaded. Cannot manually set box art.

System: Anbernic RG552

OS: Android 7

DIG: Latest paid version (as of 2022/10/1)


About half of my game systems in DIG have no box art. When I click on a title, it shows the screenshot and box art in the info screen, but never shows it in the list of games. If I long-press on the game icon, I have the option to manually set the box art by downloading it through Chrome. This doesnt' work either. (It works in the systems that are displaying box art correctly).

I've looked at the android data dig directory and it's full of images for these systems. They're just not displaying in the game list.

Anyone know how to fix this? Is there some kind of logging I can turn on?




  • Okay, so after digging in a bit more, all of the systems that don't display box art are clones. How can I rectify this? I already tried adding the clone names as directories under the dig covers and screenshots directories under android/data, but that didn't do anything. Are there specific names for directories I should be using? I have Arcade: MAME, Arcade: Final Burn Alpha, PC-Engine, PC-Engine CD, SFC, Megadrive, and more.


  • So after more digging (heh) and playing around in the filesystem, I've found in the systems/icons directory that the icons I've selected for my clone systems are literally named "clone1", "clone2", etc. SO I tried creating directories with the same names in the covers directory, and it worked! ... well, it worked for all non-arcade systems at least. If I put the covers in the covers directory for any handheld or home system, they show up on the list. The screenshots are pulled from the parent directory no matter what. There's no sense in creating any cloneX directories in the Screenshots directory.... except for arcade games, which I'll get to in a minute. IF the boxart only exists in the clones directory, when you scroll through games only the screenshot will appear if you click on the game once (on the screen with the big "play" arrow button, with the game details and such). If you have the covers in both the cloneX directory AND the parent directory, both the screenshot and cover will be displayed, one after the other, in this screen.

    HOWEVER, for arcade games, the root directory for covers is actually /Screenshots/mame, not covers/mame. Covers/mame is entirely unused. Any clones of the "Arcade" system must have their covers stored in /screenshots/cloneX. You CAN have put actual screen shots in the screenshots/mame directory, and then put covers in the screenshots/cloneX directory, and it will sorta work. The screenshots will show only in the detailed view, but never in the right pane when scrolling through games.

    Basically, screenshots and covers are completely bjorked for clones, but they're extra bjorked for arcade games. I'm going to experiment and see if I can change some of my unused systems and modify the emulator and filetypes to display and play mame and fbneo games correctly. But obviously it would be better if clone covers and screenshots worked correctly.


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