DIG not scanning games correctly

RG552, DIG installed from Google Play store. Purchased the full version through the DIG menus.

So, DIG was working perfectly. I tried to change themes and that's when things went south. The icons in grid view were all super tiny and had no words, and the coverflow was no longer centered in the screen, but was instead at the bottom with half the icons cut off.

I couldn't figure out how to fix this, so I uninstalled DIG and reinstalled from the Play store. This is when things went really awry. Now when I scan a directory with a bunch of CD-based games in it (PSX, Saturn, etc), I have to select each separate directory by hand. If I select the root directory it will load about 10 games, but the last 7 will all be identical. Dreamcast games don't load no matter what.

The wrench is always on, and aborting the scan does nothing.

I thought it would be a simple matter to re-add all my systems, but I've been at this about 12 hours and I still can't get it to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • I think I found the problem. Some games are causing some kind of loop or recursion when attempting to retrieve covers and data. Some titles have the genre repeated over and over again. Sometimes 2 or 3 times, but sometimes so much that it completely fills the screen and looks like it probably continues on beyond the space allotted for the text.

    I tried uploading a pic of what I'm talking about, but ended up with a "Request failed with status code 500" error when I tried.


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    Same problem here. Scanning takes forever when I pick the root directory and it eventually fails so I selected the directories individually. I hope this bug will be fixed soon.

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  • So, the problem is CD games with lots of bin files. If you edit the extensions so that bin files are ignored, no problem. But if you've got a CD game with a bin file for each audio track, and you don't ignore bin files, and there are 15-20 tracks, you're gonna have a bad time.

    It appears to be stuck in some kind of loop when it creates the entry, and fills the game entry full of text. The first bin file is normal, then it will have extra lines, and then finally there will be so many extra lines that android cannot load the description in DIG because it runs out of ram.

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