Gamepad Bindings Back Button Not Working

Running Dig 1.42.8 on Android 10 on an Arcade1Up machine. Installed an EG Starts 4 Joystick/button kit connected via USB encoders and Dig auto binds/registers all of the buttons as Select. Back button doesn't work. Confirmed RetroArch registers all buttons individually as expected and the autoconfig profile shows the device as 'Dragonrise'.

Also tested on Dig 1.42.2 which gave the same behavior.

Is there a way to manually bind the buttons/controls in the Dig Gamepad Bindings menu? It shows the B (Back button) and A (Select button) both grayed out/disabled.


  • Same issue here. It’s weird because before it was working with the stock arcade controllers. You are supposed to use the command reset to RetroArch config in dig but that does not seem to do anything for me. I also can not seem to find where dig is saving that config. Please post if you find anything

  • just so you know lean smart homes just put a comment in the video for this mod saying RetroArch is having issues with their mod. (Yeah great job!) now they are recommending to use RetroX. Only issue is it costs money and requires you to login. Ridiculous!! So pissed

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