Play button not working

So I'm using Dig version 1.42.3 on my Nvidia shield and I just opened it today and it asked permission for some reason for the files.. I said yes.. and so whenever I find a game and click play it doesn't do anything I can click play 10 times doesn't do anything for some reason... Never had this issue before.

All my systems and games are there.. but when I find a game and click play does nothing.. help please thanks 🙏


  • Nobody knows what's up?

  • Disable wifi, new update tries to push ads, if it can't connect to server the app hangs

  • This is what worked for me

    I disabled internet access for DIG and the play button works again

  • I'm very sorry to say that I really like Dig for it's ease and little effort to setup but now each update is bringing more issue and problems instead of solving them.

  • It seems that the programmer is changed.

    The latest versions are unusable and the bad thing is that they became worse at every release.

    I"ve lost my hope , i think we never had a usable product anymore, for now i stay with 1.39 that works good.

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