Error: "Couldn't save cover image file - your device may be full"

Hey guys! I picked up a Retroid Pocket 2+ last week and have been trying to set everything up. Unfortunately so far the biggest headache has been setting up Dig. One of the main problems I am having is an error which pops up after turning on the system, where it says "Couldn't save cover image file - your device may be full".

For this reason, Dig does not seem to be downloading any cover art at all.

My Retroid's internal storage is not full, I have Wifi access, and the ROM's are .7z with the no intro naming conventions.

What might be happening and what can I do? Thanks for taking the time to read this issue!


  • Just ran across this myself. Turns out what you need to do is plug the drive into a "Windows" PC. It should alert you to the drive needing a scan. Even if it doesn't prompt you, go ahead and check it for errors... and then let it fix them.

    Downloading should be fine after that... Dl'ing is slow as hell on the android unit I was working on though, I think I may just populate the folders while plugged into my PC. I just wish I knew what names DIG was actually looking for, several of my games are not recognized so no art is being downloaded at all.

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