NVidia Shield vs Dig

This is going to be LONG ... so BEAR with me..

First my system .... NVidia Shield TV Mod. P2897 Android 11 * No added internal storage * .. a 32Gb Thumb (NTFS) for Roms, etc.

Programs: (From Store)- RetroArch , Dolphin , Magic Dosbox , Dig , SideApps , Amaze file manager (Side Loaded)- 7Zipper , Opera , Ftpcafe

Each Emulators Setups: ...

Magic Dosbox = games located on 32Gb drive , setup each game (path, executable, save/use Expert, add "exit" to end of expert). *Make sure EACH game works in Dosbox FIRST before going further.*

RetroArch = (don't add games or change things), do updates in ( Online Updater section ) (I only have NES/Mame games so far tested)

Dolphin = must add games, configure controller for games. (I only have GameCube games so far tested) *Make sure EACH game works in Dosbox FIRST before going further.*

Dig Settings: Set the Dig folder to your Internal Storage, Set the RetroArch folder (should also be on internal), ... NOW the HARD part.

Mame/Arcade - Emulator = RetroArch (Mame 2003-Plus) , Extentions = zip

Dolphin - Emulator = RetroArch (FCEUmm)

Android - *any game that was sideloaded* go to Android ... Manage Systems ... Unignore (pick your games from list and add check mark to unignore)

Dos - Emulator = Magic Dosbox *data type = exe* , Extentions = xml exe com bat , Rom Paths = ( .Magicbox , .Magicbox/Games , .Magicbox/Games/Data ) , lots of files will show up, pick each file that is NOT your games name, choose IGNORE from the list. THIS should leave you with ONLY your games listed. Click your game should take you to your game INFO page. If you try to RUN the game .... well ... you should be were WE are STUCK now. lol .. YELL if I need to add more info.

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