Magic Dosbox help pleasssze

Sorry for a stupid question from a smart person.

.... BUT.... What is the secret to getting Magic DosBox to work with Dig?

My problem isn't like what I have seen.

I am running things on a Shield TV Android 11.

Dig DOES find the games (all 4), however, when I click each link ... I am taken to the MDB desktop.

How do I get Dig to actually open MDB, run the game, then exit MDB and return back to Dig??



  • I'm a step behind you.

    I can't even get dig to show the games anymore. I'd love a step by step from anyone at this stage.

  • User error on my above post.

    I'm at the same stage as PadYingTon now. The games show in Dig, but instead of launching them in sent to the Magic Dosbox homescreen.

    Anyone else experiencing this?


  • Hey... I haven't figured it out yet... still need help on it.. BUT

    I am doing a POST detailing ALL my settings in REGARD to Dig.

    It is called .. NVidia Shield vs Dig

  • I use DosBox Pure without any issues. Can you not use that?

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    "I use DosBox Pure without any issues. Can you not use that" ... Tylerjay ............ Well.. Unfortunately This is on a Shield Pro ... and Dosbox Pure is ONLY available via RETROARCH. And at present time IT does not recognize external drives.

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    GOOD NEWS / BAD NEWS .....

    GOOD NEWS - I got Retroarch to " work " with the hack workaround (tweeking the retroarch.cfg).

    BAD NEWS - Dosbox Pure isn't as custonizable as Magic Dosbox..... So some game can't work as good (Soko-ban as an example). THAT game needs a keyboard or the ability to cycle through numbers in one button press.

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    That is good news getting RetroArch to run.

    Sokoban can be used with either keyboard or joystick. If using a joystick then open up RetroArch menu (with assigned hotkeys) and select Controls> Port one and select the following: generic keyboard bindings or even a generic joystick from that era.

    Of course these can all be customised to any individual game and saved as a cfg.

    Btw, left joystick press brings up the virtual keyboard and start button is Enter/Accept.

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