Can't Play Games on SD Card

Hello I am having a problem. Whenever I move a game to my sd card, I cannot launch it. It shows up in Dig like usual, but it's stuck on the loading screen. I can play it just fine while it is on my phone, but whenver I move it to the SD card, it becomes unplayable unless I move it back to my phone. This is disappointing, because the whole reason I got Dig was so I could keep my games on my SD card and save space. The games end in .nds like I've seen the interent say, and extracting it does nothing.


  • if you havent found answer yet, try changing the directory of your game in dig. it may be looking for game assets on ineternal not external.

  • Please verify if your emulator is retroarch has an update broke the last version and retroarch cannot load games from sd cards.... waiting on an update from retroarch at this time.

    if retroarch is not your emulator for that specific device or folder than make sure to map your folders in the emulator itself then rescan the folder and make sure that your dig is pointing to the right emulator.

    Hope this helps!

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