Dig can't find most of my MS-DOS. The one I hope I most to play is MoO2 but the Dig doesn't find it.

Help me make Dig find my MS-DOS games. I've set up Dig to find all my other games whether PlayStation, Genesis, Arcade or other, but it will only find one MS-DOS that I have. More than any other I'd like to play MoO2 off of Dig. I tried posting photos here but the site won't take for some reason. I get an error code 500. When selecting systems I see Kodi, Freecell, and Screamer. I have many more MS-DOS games but they don't appear. I can load Screamer just fine. These MS-DOS games all have DOSBox pre-configured already. I don't have Freecell yet it's listed as one a game I have. Could someone help me Dig find my other DOS games?


  • I found out what my issue was. The game needed to be in internal storage.

    I could load more DOS games off of RetroArch than Dig. It seemed a reason for this is that my external hard drive is read only. So though i could load partially load MoO2 through RetroArch it wouldn't play due to being unable to extract or something. When i copied the files into internal storage it worked in RetroArch and was detectable in Dig.

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