Dig won't start any emulator

Hey guys, let me start off by saying I really like DIG. It's been my go to frontend for Android ever since I started with emulation and I find it both very good looking and function while also being lightweight.

I've been playing AetherSX2 standalone mostly and just updated DIG to latest version to use it, however it seems DIG is not launching any of my emulators now?

64 bit Retroarch Plus from the PlayStore using any core (MAME Current, BSNES accuracy 2014, Genesis Plus GX Wide, ...) sometimes crashes directly, sometimes I get a black screen and a prompt saying RetroArch Plus isn't responding, sometimes nothing happens.

Dolphin (latest dev build) closes immediately.

PS2 isn't showing up among my systems so can't really try AetherSX2.

PPSSPP is the only one showing something interesting, it says the ROM path doesn't exist (attaching screenshot), even though the file is located there and standalone PPSSPP finds it.

Seems like something related to Scoped Storage?

I'm on Android 12 on a ROG Phone 5 and DIG update from today (Jun 12 2022).

Does anybody know of a way around this?


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