Anyway to combat this..

I had all my games listed nicely and mostly working fine. Duplicates hidden and box covers showing.

However yesterday I had an issue with my hdd and it disconnected randomly. When it reconnected it gave it a slightly different name (added an x).

Now I either have everything duplicated because the rom paths now show both the old and new drive name, or i have no roms showing in a console.

Is there any easy solution to this? A file I could edit somewhere?


  • DigDig
    edited September 2019

    I didn't know drives could change names. I'll have to think about what to do about that.

  • Yeah I had no idea myself.

    It's probably a rare thing caused by whatever the issue was that caused my drive to disconnect in the first place so might not be worth you bothering with.

  • This drive name changing is causing me hassle. Not sure why it keeps happening but I changed all my file paths to have the x in and started scanning again but then it reverted back to not having the x in and I have to start all over again.

  • Until I find a way to deal with this you can leave scans for both names in place. The latest beta should do a better job of checking which folders are actually present.

  • Wish I did that now.

    Where can I get the beta to try?

  • Thanks. Messed up big time. Tried to set my hdd as extended storage but then my TV wouldnt recognise it. So now have to copy all my game files again.

    Luckily I backed up the folders with all the downloaded images.

    The drive has got a really long name this time. I'm not sure how android file systems work but can the path not just be external storage or does it have to be a drive name?

  • Arrrrrrghhhh.

    Everything has been working fine. Left my drive on while I went to work go download some covers.

    Came home and all my games had vanished. Checked the drive and it added a z to the start of the drive name.

    Its strange because my TV sees my drive and with the name Android which is what I named it when I formatted it. However Dig and all my other apps give it a different name.

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