Retro Game Collections: What is your passion??

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Personally mine is Commodore Amiga...all formats seperated (using clone in Dig), Whload/Hdf's, floppys & CD32, CDtv

Zx Spectrum, all formats... tap,z80,tzx,trd etc (70k+ games un-merged) - perfection!

Arcade: Mame4droid & Mame 2003+ collection...absolute classics!

Psx: everything from Tekken 3, MGS, Castlevania, Res 2 to CTR etc ..all running flawlessly.

Whats in your collection??? Share what you are passionate about...


  • I'm an 80's/90's kid so sprites are my jam. Any good SNES/Genesis/Arcade/DC/PS1 game with good sprite work is what I love when looking at retro games.

  • Currently i'm big into playing romhacks, translations and homebrew games. Being able to play the likes of Streets of Rage 2 with the cast of the Simpsons, playing Treasure Hunter G in English or Sturmwind on Dreamcast all come with an anti establishment bent that I really enjoy. The idea that I'm playing a game that hardly anyone even knows exists, let alone has played makes me smile with a smugness I don't get playing commercial games.

  • Yeah I like the homebrew Mario Games a lot and the SoR hacks with the Turtles and stuff, that's a really cool aspect of retro gaming for me.

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