NXE Dashboard Theme (2010 Theme)


To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Xbox in 2021, I made a theme that's heavily inspired by the 2010 Xbox Kinect November Dashboard. I've seen some attempts at making an Xbox Dashboard for Dig (the Blades dashboard and Metro dashboard) but due to the design limitations of the app, it's pretty hard to recreate those for it. The Kinect dashboard in my opinion is the best one for Dig since it matches a mobile interface perfectly due to the big icons and simplified menus.

The game list was the biggest challenge since I had to improvise with what was possible on Dig while still keeping the design faithful to the 360. The menu I came up with is more of a hybrid between the storage menu and the downloads menu.


The NXE Ultimate pack gives you all 4 defaults themes and additional icons/thumbnails to give the complete look and feel of the theme.

Vertical icons are intended for the vertical game list menu while the Game cover icons are for the linear style menu.

Game Themed Dashboards

After I got the hang of the first 4 Xbox themes, I decided to work on making dashboard themes based around the various franchises from the 360 era and also experimented with a few ones from Xbox One/Series x era. Just like the real dashboard, the background changes depending on which menu you're on. Think of it like the downloadable themes from the marketplace. Note: Due to file size, these are all separate themes.

The ones highlighted in orange are animated dashboards I experimented with.

Additional Systems (NXE Ultimate Pack)

There are 85 supported systems in all of the packs and 26 bonus ones are featured exclusively in the NXE Ultimate Pack. More may be added in the future.

Chalotron Icons Pack

In the original forum post, there were more icons created by Chalotron to cover 46 more systems. This has been included in the NXE Ultimate Pack and the icons only pack (with credit given of course).

So with all that outta the way, here is the download for the themes.

DOWNLOAD: Xbox 360 Theme (Default)

Make sure to be on the current version of Dig and if game icons are clipping the sides, change the icon aspect ratio to 2:1 in the drop down menu.

DOWNLOAD: NXE Ultimate Pack

This one must be extracted with a zip extractor (ZArachiver, etc). The themes inside however can be installed within the Dig app.

DOWNLOAD: Game Themed Dashboards

I sincerely hope you enjoy and feedback is greatly appreciated. 👍️

(This post was reuploaded due to my account getting banned by mistake during the spam bot cleanup)


  • One advantage to reuploading this was the ability to include the additional packs by default. All the holiday themes are included in the game themed dashboards section

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