My JXD S7800 is semi-stuffed

Ive dropped my JXD before,from about seat height and when it hit the carpet floor it opens up,some of the buttons fall out etc

But its easy to snap back together.

However two nights ago I dropped it again (im not usually that clumsy but I was trying to refit some rubber caps on the analog sticks and being pretty slippery it fell out of my hand)

Anyway,no biggie I thought as usual,snapped it back together,,all OK but now the touch screen doesnt repond at all

I opened it up again and the ribbon that is I believe for the touch screen response isnt in place.Its just loose abd moves around.

I dont wanna mess more with it myself in fear of breaking it

For now I can still use it,I can move around the home screen with the D-Pad and select icons with a button.I can launch Dig and play any emulators with the physical keys just fine.Luckily I have Dig on home screen too.Maybe I should auto enable it to boot into Dig when turned on,to be safe and sure that I can always use it.

Its just for tablet use and using touchscreen itself its a no go,so I cant get to the apps drawer either.

I could go into a electronics place and perhaps someone could attach the ribbon (if that is indeed the issue)

Or,buy a replacement. The S7800 is hard to find for a good price brand new though,

I have also messaged the seller where I bought it from,perhaps he can help.

I was also looking at the JXD S192 but it cost way more than Im willing to pay.

SephirothX2004: You mentioned you have the JXD S192? Whats the issue with it exactly? Touchscreen too?Just curious.


  • Sorry to hear about that mate.

    I totally understand the pain of dropping a device.

    The problem with my Singularity is the right side of my screen as well as a small horizontal strip through the center of the screen is not responsive to touch anymore and just to let you know i have never dropped the Singularity, the issues just seemed to happen.

    The real issue to me is actually the battery drainage issue though as the touch screen still partially works in most places.

    It still works good though despite the problems and running Hyperspin on it is pretty nice.

  • So you still using it? Is your device of choice the MOQI i7s?

    That one runs Gamecube,Wii and Saturn roms fine?

    Through retroarch cores or dedicated emulator?

    Also,instead of a diff device I was thinking of something like this maybe,Can get for under AUD $30 from ali-express...and just use it for my Mi Max 2,which has a reg 16:9 screen ratio but is 6.44" screen so almost as big screen as the JXD anyway..

    This fits up to a 10" tablet too.Connects via bluetooth.

  • Oh,also..cause I was actually making themes on the JXD not having any touchscreen response now will defo make that next to impossible.

    Will have to use my phone now for that too.

  • know..Ive been thinking.

    As I said,I can still use Dig and any emulators on my JXD S7800 just fine..theres no problem with that at all.

    So I can use what its intended for,gaming...that doesnt change.

    For making themes,Ill just use my phone,its better for that anyway as at least touchscreen works ( had issues on day one with the JXD) so can control it better,using slider especially and so on.

    🤔 Yeah...

  • The Moqi i7s is what i mainly use at the moment and if you want more info on it check out this vid by ETA Prime.

    I run most things through Retroarch except Game Cube, Wii, Saturn, N64 and Dreamcast.

    Having a tablet or a phone between a controller vice seems to be a good setup for most people but i don't like the idea of having to charge up both a phone/tablet and a controller attachment so the whole physical controls inbuilt within a phone is a big draw for me.

  • I already seen his vid 🙂

    The controller attachment thing is cool for sure..and I also prefer same as you...dedicated device.

    But..not willing to pay the asking price for the Moqi or JXD S192.

  • Hi guys!!! I'm sorry for this happened to you... You and Seph are talking about dedicated devices vs smartphone+controller. Sometime ago I was in both sides of the story. I've owned a GPDXD, first generation. Was a good piece of hardware, plays well, looks good, was my emulation dream... Until the LCD ribbon break because of the bad position made on the project. It was a real deal, and GPD made the Plus edition with a better LCD ribbon positioning, avoiding the problem. But I've decided to not buy it anymore... So, I given a shot on íPega 9087 Bluetooth controller. It's great, plays well, it's comfortable, the price is affordable, but it's not perfect. The R2 Button is failing sometimes. But this is the point: I learned the hard way that a dedicated device is better to play, but a combination is more affordable and if something goes wrong, I didn't need to spend a lot of money buying a whole new device, just need to replace the controller or the Smartphone. Just to clear the pricey thing, where I live, a GPD XD Plus costs something about R$900,00. The combination Samsung J4 + íPega 9087 where just R$790,00, where the J4 was a replacement for my old iPhone 4 and I carry it everyday to work and play. Was a "get two rabbits in a single hit" for me...

  • Yeah you are right I think.Dedicated device with inbuilt physical buttons is better but easier to fail I think too,and not cheap to replace if you need too.

    The controller like the ipega ones where you put your phone inbetween may not be as precise,I dont know..but far cheaper if you need to buy another.

    As for the ipega ones,I was looking at the 9087 and the 9023 and also that pic I showed,which is the BTC-938.

    Been looking at yt vidoes on it.

    But even if I get one of those,I prefer a larger was look at getting a tablet as well..need to be more powerful than my JXD and dont wanna pay a high price so maybe Id look for a decent used one.

    Anyway,all this is just an if...maybe...for now.

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    I thought about getting a GPD XD before but i had problems with "hinged" devices like Nintendo DS/3DS or devices with "slide" functions like the Xperia Play it seems at least for me that too much use and the ribbon cables are finished.

    I've had the Much Snail 78p01 which is a smartphone gaming device from the same people that created the Moqi i7s. The only Problem i had with this phone was the controller sticks were not as smooth to use after a while and since they used the same controller sticks that the sony psp used i replaced them with psp controller sticks i got from eBay and they worked great. I just kept a few spares on hand for when i needed to replace them.

    I then had the Moqi i7 (pictured below) before moving on to the i7s.

    I never had any real bad problems with any of them regarding the buttons themselves other than the controller stick issue with the 78p01 but i enjoy tinkering with devices so taking it apart and replacing the sticks was fine with me.

  • Question to anybody using controllers like the ipega ones.

    Daniel: If your phone has a speaker (or dual speakers) on the top and bottom edge does the conroller sides block the sound of the phone speaker at all?

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    Sometimes the speaker is covered, but it's more if you use a case with the phone... Without the case, the controller has some "bumpers" that keeps the speakers uncovered. But even covered, the sound doesn't get muted, just slightly downed...

  • Also,I guess it also depends on the phone used,size being a factor I mean.


    Well,I went Android tabletr route now.

    The stand alone devices with physical buttons are defo pricey and Im not prepared to pay the high prices asked for them.

    So I was looking at a tablet.New ones that are better specced than my JXD arent cheap either and I didnt want a more budget type like a Galaxy Tab A 8.0 for eg.

    Also,I didnt want one with a very large screen either like the 10" ones.

    So I went for a used one from a few year back.

    Ended up getting one on ebay. Galaxy Tab S 8.4.

    While not super high specced for these days still way better than my JXD.

    Should be arriving today

    . So I also bought one of those bluetooth telescopic controllers,Looked up reviews,comments..many people talking about dead zones for the joysticks so I ended up buying a BTC-938 over the Ipega 9023 and 9083.

    Its known under many diff brands.

    Ordered from ali-express so will take a few weeks to arrive.

  • Well,here is the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and the BTC-938.

    Tested,had to remap some buttons etc etc but seems to work well.

    Still,I also bought an Ipega 9083,wanna see which is better.😀

    Will post a pic when it arrives.

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