Nice to see a new Android update today!

Very pleased to see an update on Google Play today. Thanks for the continued development :)


  • This new update has really messed up the Dig configuration that I had been rocking for two years. It screwed up my aspect ratio, moved icons around, changed some other settings. I've spent the last hour trying to get it back to the way it used to be, and it's still screwed up. Weirdest part is, I don't remember even changing any settings or editing my theme. The installation alone messed my configuration up.

  • Yeah, I had those problems too. icons changed size and position on most screens for my installed theme. Took a while to sort it out.

  • Awesome to see Dig is still being worked on. We hadn't seen an update for a while so I was starting to worry. I hope this means that we might see some of the bugs listed in the bug reports section sorted soon as well then.

  • Do the issues with themes affect all all themes? I am hesitant to download the update because of this.

  • I don't notice any issues after the update. I'm using my Mini-Mix theme.

  • I think I figured out what went wrong after the update. I used Wii Huntzman theme. I'd configured it to be images only/no text. I think the update re-enabled text, which messed up the spacing of everything. I just didn't spot it at first because this theme has light grey text on a light grey background.

  • I am so Happy to see the New Update :) Today, i try to run the Mame 2010 Core in Dig. But dont Work. Then i see your Comment, make Update and Tadaaaa, Mame 2010 runs nice now :)

    Nice to see the Delevoper is back :)))) DiG is so Awesome :)

    Sry for my Bad English

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