Add file extensión for emulators?

I have amiga games in lha format, but DIG not detect this extensión. Somebody know add new extensión or only the administrator can do it?



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    I would also find being able to set the file extension to be very usesul. Not only to specify extensions not detected by Dig as the OP says, but also to limit scraping to to specific files.

    For example, being able to only detect .m3u files that point to isos and ignoring the actual iso files.

    Only restrcticting SCUMM to only import .scummvm files and not dozens of random files and folders in your scumm rom folder.

    Or as the OP posted, specifying specific extensions DIG does not pick up. In my case, very useful for importing DOS games.

    Many thanks!


  • I'm glad to hear from the author of this application again.

    Thanks for coming back and continuing to improve DIG.

    Is it possible what I asked in the first message?

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