[WIP] Project Theme: GAME ROOM (Dark Version) Overview

So this is my first theme for dig that I've been working on for the last 3 months. Game Room is slightly based on the frontend that used to be on the Xbox 360 and Windows live. The point of that was to give you a place for classic Atari, Intellivision & Konami games but due to the lack of Midway, Namco, Sega and other Arcade games, the service fell through. So this is my version of how I would see game room if it was made now.

This is the dark version of the theme which is made with the intent of helping anyone out that might play emulators at night (like me) However I am currently working on a bright version that has some changes. Here's a sneak peek

1.Home Menu

Although the themes on this forum all mostly based around 8bit or 80s themes, I wanted to take a slight modern approach that kind of fits android.

If you stay on the home page long enough, it will change to different games.

2.System Menu

Since most of the systems are run by emulators, I decided to actually base some of them around the emulator names.

N64 is Mupen, DS is DraStic, Arcade is Mame, Android is Game Room & PSX is FPSE (But named PSE). Intellivision & Atari however are the same to stay true to how it was in the Xbox Game Room.

Covers will be available to download when I add more later.


At first I didn't understand the point of collections until I realized it's possible to put together existing game collections if you have the required games. I noticed that most of themes use a folder icon for the collections, but I decided to use a trophy for it instead. Think of it kind of like a trophy collection. Since the genre icons and the collection icon fail to be packed with themes, I may make a separate download soon that contains these for anyone that wants to try them.


Currently the settings menu only has 1 background until I make more. There is another one I made that contains multiple backgrounds but it's more focused on mobile games instead of the classics. So for now this is the only one. So it was easy to still see the text, I slightly dimmed the background so the focus is set on the text rather than the background.

5.Game INFO

So game info was a little bit tricky to modify. While it's easy to change the background and everything else, the only thing you can't edit without modifying Dig's apk file is the play button. My personal opinion but I hated the original because of how big and out of place it was. The trick I did was add a foreground over the button and added my own.

6.Miscellaneous Systems & No Games

Currently the supported systems that have a personalized theme is N64, DS, Android, Atari, Intellivision, Mame,PS & kind of the NES. The rest of the systems for now have a theme that is shown when you play on a non supported one


As a optional download (155MB with songs) there are 31 songs that are either from games or are fan covers. This also contains songs from the original Microsoft Game Room which I ripped from the files myself (after it took 6 hours to extract). Here's the list of the songs.


So with all that out of the way, the first version of the dark theme can be downloaded. Feedback is appreciated


  • Nice work. I like it.

  • Good theme, use the video as a background is original, I will try as well

  • So I had 2 reasons why I used videos for the backgrounds rather than pictures. First reason being on the fact that my tablet seems to struggle processing wallpapers in dig which caused quite a few glitches when I was working one it. Second reason is that I realized if I put pictures in a video editor and made the duration 0.03 seconds, it not only works has a wallpaper but it drastically reduces file size that the picture was. Example: the wallpapers as a image were 2MBs each but as a video it was just a mere 50KB. The only ones that are bigger in file size are the animated wallpapers.

  • thanks for the advice, I will make a video theme))), I also experience a problem on Android TV, the pictures do not look as clear as on the PC monitor, I'm waiting for your theme to be updated.

  • I might have to make a version for android tv in the future since the videos probably aren't clear enough for a big screen.

  • As a update: I may take a little while to make a new clear version since I might need to use a different video editor.

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  • checked on another android tv, theme looks good, apparently i have problems with tv.

  • checked on another android tv, theme looks good, apparently i have problems with tv.

    Everything looks good, you don't have to. handed over for repair)) my androidvtv box.

  • Well that's good news. Guess I'll continue to work on the light theme.

  • love this theme. Looking forward to see what else you come up with

  • edited February 2021

    As a little bit of an update, I'm currently working on a 3.0 version of Game Room that incorporates even more animated menus than the 2.0 version. Also I'm working on a pack of game covers for mame, psx, ds and android. Hopefully I'll be able to release the mame covers soon. Here's a preview of how the mame covers look. It's based off an old jakks pacific plug n play controller which MS. Pac Man was the mascot of.

    The android covers are a more minimalist version of the xbox live arcade covers. This one is taking a little while to complete because I wanted to make a wide range of game covers for the most popular android games (not doing one for raid shadow legends or candy crush).

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