wholesale porcelain 36kV pin insulator

wholesale porcelain 36kV pin insulator Liling Dongfang Electroceramic Co., Ltd was established in 2001,

product lines manufactured by DONGFANG are mainly used in distribution power

lines,overhead transmission and substation, including finest quality porcelain

insulators, glass insulator, composite insulator, transformer bushing, fuse

cutout, surge arrestor, power fittings and other cable accessories. These

products are complied with ANSI, IEC, AS, BS, DIN standards, as well as per

customer鈥檚 requirements. After decades of continuous development, our company

has becoming one of the industry leader in electric power field. DONGFANG has

more than 300 trained staff that are dedicated to improving product innovation.

With its team of dedicated engineers and specialists , the company can provide

insulators for a wide range of application from low voltages to high voltage

system that up to 765kv. The company is continuously developing strong technical

force, high-tech quality control equipment and test facilities for product

design, all of its insulators are in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 standard and

we have test reports issued by accredited laboratory. Owing to our development

of new technologies and motivated workforce, we have gained loyal client base

across the market. We welcome clients at domestic and abroad to cooperate with

us. High quality products and service is DONGFANG鈥橲 commitment to our customers

around the world.wholesale porcelain 36kV pin insulator


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