China Laminated Glass

China Laminated Glass Description Magic glass has the characteristics of "transparent when

energized, and atomized when power offed". It is widely used in partition walls,

doors and windows, and can effectively improve the space layout and freely

adjust the size of the field of view, which has become a fashionable choice for

high-end places such as offices, hotels, clubs and villas. Characteristics of

PDLC Smart Magic Glass 1.Cover privacy. The user can freely control the

transparent and opaque state of the pdlc smart magic glass to protect the user's

privacy at any time. 2. Energy saving and environmental protection. The pdlc

smart glass blocks 99% of ultraviolet rays and 98% of infrared rays, and has a

thermal insulation performance of more than level 2. 3. Block sound insulation.

The dimming film and film in the middle of the pdlc smart magi glass have sound

damping effect, which can partially block noise. 4. Project the screen. The pdlc

smart dimming glass can be projected when the power is off, and the projection

imaging effect is very clear and outstanding. 5. Various controls. Mobile APP,

remote control, voice control, touch switch, etc. can be customized on demand.

6. Safe explosion-proof. Based on toughened glass, it has good impact

resistance. The film sticks the glass firmly to avoid splashing of fragments.

About Us As the source manufacturer of Chinese first batch of dimming films and

the first customization of dimming glass pattern effects, we are committed to

researching and producing new photoelectric glass such as pdlc smart magic

glass, LED light-emitting glass, projection glass, etc. and providing smart

photoelectric glass design and application solutions for partitions, doors and

windows, furniture, etc. The Main Types of Magic Glass Provided by Huichi

1.According to materials: laminated glass type, glass film type; 2.According to

the purpose, it is divided into: hollow type, fireproof type, coating (outdoor)

type, etc.; 3.According to the style, it is divided into: ordinary type,

wire-clamped type, inkjet type, clip-painted type, graphic change type, etc. Our

company has a wide range of products, if you do not find the product you want,

you can consult us.China Laminated Glass


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