It Nike Dunk features a White leather base

It Nike Dunk features a White leather base with Green suede overlays paired with Black detailing.This Air Jordan 13 uses white as the main tone, with green to show the iconic Boston Celtics theme color. The shoe body is covered with a large area of leather, while the green part is made of turned fur, showing an excellent shoe texture. The overall body is constructed of delicate and soft white leather, and the tongue is bright red Jumpman Logo to brighten the vision. The iconic black-and-grey splash-ink midsole and net-shaped shoelace buckle interpret the classic dress of Oreo elements.

But today there is the latest news, the New Jordan 5 UK 'Jade Horizon' is postponed again, and friends who like it can only wait. Also exposed at the same time is a set of latest physical objects, let us get a first glance! The whole pair of shoes is made of a light matcha green, and the shoelace perforations and the outsole part have obvious oxidation and old effects. The sole material is also made of Cushlon foam. While supporting the shoe body, it also has a certain soft elastic effect. The overall shape is based on white, supplemented by leather materials, highlighting the consistently high specifications of the Dunk series of shoes. The frame of the shoe body is embellished in five colors of yellow, red, blue, green and black.

At the same time, the pronouns such as silk, barb, and stolen powder have become topics that we cannot avoid in our brains. These are the best evidence of Jordan Brand's youth.AR4390-313 you want to capture more audiences, it is Nike Dunk Shoes not enough to capture some young groups. As beneficial for Nike as it is for St眉ssy, this association is anchored on a solid relationship that has linked the two brands since the beginning of the 2000s. The last drop of the collaboration highlighted simple, but striking pieces with basics tailored for the summer which are still available from a few retailers.  

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