Jacob & Co Astronomia Meteorite Triangle Diamonds AT800.30.HD.HD.A

Jacob & Co. presents the Astronomia Sky Tri-Axis and Xtreme Tourbillon

It's been another big year for Jacob & Co., a brand that's been offering bold limits in mens replica watch for years. This year, the brand has continued to use its imagination to achieve incredible things in two new timepieces, so you can't help but want to see them in person.

Jacob & Co has taken the already well-known and beloved Astronomia to new heights, introducing a new dimension of three-dimensional glory with the Astronomia Sky watch.

While this timepiece may be the third generation of the original Astronomia Tourbillon that first launched in 2014, it's a fresh take on it—with a reconfigured movement and new complications. In fact, the Astronomia Sky Triple-Axis Gravity Tourbillon offers an astronomical sidereal time display (tracking solar time and calendar time), a celestial sky dial, a three-dimensional moon and an earth-centered globe.buying replica watch

As if all this - depicting stunning beauty - wasn't enough, the watch is also equipped with a patented gravity tri-axis tourbillon whose three axes move at different speeds: 60 seconds, 5 minutes and 20 minutes. This patent, along with the patent for the differential system, was previously granted with the original 50mm Astronomia, but they have been reconfigured and miniaturized so that this latest watch fits in the 47mm case.

The multi-axis rotating system provides important functions on each main axis, including the gravity tourbillon, and the hours and minutes are displayed on the opposite sub-dial format. On the other axis, a 288-faceted "Jacob"-cut orange sapphire disc represents the moon, opposite the orbiting seconds hand.JACOB & CO ASTRONOMIA ART DRAGON

Jacob Arabo, founder and CEO of Jacob & Co., said: "This is a very complicated new timepiece. Also, in the previous Astronomia, there were three crystal windows, whereas this watch has a whole block of sapphire, You can see it in all directions. It also has a three-dimensional globe in the center. It's... unbelievable."

The thing is, the unveiling of Astronomia Sky was enough to make visitors drool, but Jacob & Co. didn't stop there. The brand also launched the new Xtreme Tourbillon – a decimal minute repeater with dual triaxial tourbillons.

This world premiere timepiece features two triaxial tourbillons side by side in the lower part of the profiled case and dial. The twin tourbillons each have three axes: 1 that flies in 40 seconds, 1 that flies in 3 minutes, and 1 that flies in 8 minutes. Composed of 572 parts, the JCFM01 movement is also equipped with a timekeeping system that can strike time, 10 minutes and minutes with two hammers.luxury replica watches

According to Arabo, the creation of the watch and movement took more than two years, more than 3,300 hours and a team of 30 specialists to complete. The case is in the shape of an engine (upside-down triangle), inspired by a Morgan that Jacob recently purchased.

“Brands like ours [people] want to be different. It’s all about unique pieces; standing out. That’s what we deliver,” says Arabo.cheap replica watches

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