cabs or stumbling Golden Goose from Hollywood nightclub

This is a youth driven and edgy take on the by-now inescapable Noughties revival. A focus on debauched and decadent exhibitionism and self-expression with a palette of acid brights and greencast, the process in which the garment is dyed with green sulfur followed by indigo to give the item a bluish green appearance. Hyper-individualism and social media have created an army of "bedroom makers," a term for the style-hungry who customize and create looks at home often with humble materials but for maximum impact. This is high design minus the usual gatekeepers. The mood of indie sleaze evokes club culture after the turn of the millennium which saw starlets falling out of London cabs or stumbling Golden Goose from Hollywood nightclubs. Advocates for the style include Instagram sensation Thought We Friends with their overworked labor-intensive denim treatments or cyber experimenters Space Paradiso with their artful spraying and airbrushing. Representative of the trend is the work of British youth photographer Ewen Spencer who was tapped by Diesel to shoot the campaign for their new range Track Denim. Time to dig out of the closet pieces from True Religion, Guess, D G and Von Dutch.

Armoured elements of heavier materials such as leather with added knee and shoulder pads are relevant and can be linked back to the current popularity of motorcycle clothing and the Grunge theme. Leather was therefore a striking presence on the catwalk of SS23. On the market, the amount of leather including imitation leather in clothing increased by 14 percent on an annual basis. The use of leather grew particularly strong in t-shirts and trousers. More functional items such as cargos often had Golden Goose Skystar a softer colour palette with beige and earth tones. A military atmosphere is set with camouflage, bomber jackets and waistcoats. 

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