Disinfection And Purification Series suppliers

Disinfection And Purification Series suppliers Product Description The first domestic

independent intellectual property rights, the application of multi-function

purification box, new UV sterilization system, intelligent control monitoring

system, voice dialogue system, air conditioner, etc. After the equipment is

started, a positive pressure difference of 10pa-35pa is formed indoors and

outdoors, and after the activated carbon multiple composite filters, Then enter

the purification component to purify and disinfect the inhaled air, and finally

discharge the clean air into the room through the primary, middle and high

efficiency filters, which can reach the 10,000-level purification standard.

Product performance and advantages The positive pressure of the nucleic acid

detection sampling chamber prevents the entry of external polluted air, and has

the characteristics of efficient disinfection, efficient purification, high

efficiency and energy saving, quietness, temperature control, and easy

maintenance. 1. Positive pressure design, effectively blocking virus and aerosol

pollution, no protective clothing is required for sampling; 2. New UV

sterilization system, efficient sterilization, safety and energy saving; 3.

Through accurate calculation of exhaust pressure, flow rate, system resistance,

etc., the number of air changes is as high as 50 times; 4. Smooth operation, low

noise, large flow, small vibration and long life; 5. High-efficiency heating and

cooling air conditioning, not afraid of heat and cold; 6. Voice dialogue system,

communication is more convenient. Product technical parameters Name Sampling

chamber for nucleic acid detection Model HSJC-Y-530 Source 220V/16A-50HZ/60HZ

Power Rating 鈮?800W Deal with air volume 530m鲁/h Work Noise 鈮?0dB Relative

Humidity 5%RH- - -90%RH (non-exposed) Working Temperature -20鈩?--- +50鈩?

Appearance Size (cm) 100脳100脳220 rate of ventilation 鈮?2娆? differential pressure

鈮?0Pa Ultraviolet disinfection lamp 15W Disinfection And Purification Series



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