low price Spring Contacts

low price Spring Contacts The switch is an electronic component that can open the

circuit, interrupt the currents or flows to other circuits. There are many types

of switches, but the principles are connection and disconnection, forming or

disconnecting current or signal circuit. The rivet contacts are the components

in the switch, and the main role is the connection medium for current or signal.

Rivet contact, that is, riveting silver posts in the contact as touch points.

The riveting contact of relay is the device that connects or disconnects the

switch through the upper and lower contacts. The contact require good

electrification effect, which is generally produced by beryllium copper. The

rivet contact produced by Gingerm are mainly 0.1mm thick beryllium copper. It is

OEM customized according to the customer drawing or samples. According to the

customer production requirements and order quantity, Gingerm can develop and

manufacture the progressive die to automatically produce parts with riveting

silver points in-die. Gingerm has many years of design and production experience

in the automatic riveting process, and is the leader of the top technology in

the industry. The relay rivet contact produced by Gingerm for customers is

stable in tooling and the product quality is excellent. Progressive stamping

production way has greatly improved the production output and saved a lot of

labor and time costs for the customers. Part Name: Rivet contact for switch Part

Specification: OEM customized per customer鈥檚 print/sample Part Material: 0.1mm

phosphor copper Part Processes: Progressive stamping production Part

After-treatment: Silver or gold plating Part Performance Test: Spring test Part

Packaging Method: Strip reeling Part Appliance: Electronic switch Monthly

Delivery: 1.5 millions Part pictures for reference onlylow price Spring Contacts


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