China Raft

China Raft At present, the

power raft widely existing in the market is mainly outboard machine, The

advantages of such equipment are that it is cheap and powerful, but the

disadvantages are large size, heavy mass, complex installation, poor

maneuverability, expensive fuel and not environmental protection, which is only

suitable for large-scale commercial activities. Today I bring you a power drive

raft. It is a kind of inboard engine raft, it consists of a portable

plug-install electric propeller with an inflatable board body, its advantages

are cost-effective, small size, light weight, easy install, simple operation,

beautiful design, high mobility, strong power, low cost of use, safety and

environmental protection, These characteristics make it ideal for private

recreation and small business activities. The power drive raft consists of three

parts: 1.Main body of the board ModelBLS-147 N.W13KG G.W17.5KG M.L.W250KG

Pressure10psi~15psi P.TypeOar blade or propeller Size300cm X 81cm X 15.4cm

MaterialDrop stitch fabric, PVC, EVA, glue, D ring, braided strap, SBR

2.Portable plug-in electric integrated Propeller 3.Accessories It is designed

for single-person operation with a maximum load of two adults, do not overload

to avoid danger. TransportationChina Raft


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