Paper Container Forming Machine manufacturers

Paper Container Forming Machine manufacturers INTRODUCTION The CNJ-700 is a

medium-speed disposable paper plate maker. The machine can produce 5-11 inch

disposable paper plates at a rate of 3600-4800 sheets/hour. This machine has two

stations, and the molds on the stations can be switched, allowing clients to

make the same or two different sizes of paper discs at the same time. Change the

molds to make round, oval, or irregular-shaped paper plates. TECHNICAL PARAMETER

1HS. Code8441309000 2Die Size5inch to 11 inch (mold exchangeable) 3Raw

MaterialPaper/paperboard, Aluminum foil coated paper, One side PE coated paper

or other 4Suitable paper weight100--500gsm (gram per square meter)

5Production60--80 piece/minute (total two stations, about 3600--4800pcs per

hour) 6Total Power3 KW 7Power Source220V 50Hz or other required 8Weight1200 Kg

9Package Dimension (L x W x H)1430mm x 1600mm x 1900mm 10Air sourceWorking

pressure 0.8Mpa, Air out-put 1.5 m3/minute (need to buy Air compressor)

11Notevarious specifications of Equipment and molds can be customized according

to customer requirements ADVANTAGES This product has the functions of automatic

pneumatic suction paper feeding, thermoforming, automatic disc ejection,

constant temperature control, automatic counting, and automatic collection. This

machine recombines the principle of combining pneumatic and mechanical. It has

the advantages of higher production speed, more stable performance, safer

operation, more convenient maintenance, and a more user-friendly structure

design. This machine adopts a high-efficiency supercharged cylinder, and the

pressure can reach 5T (a supercharged cylinder can replace the pressure), which

is faster and more environmentally friendly than ordinary hydraulic cylinders.

This product is widely used in producing discs (plates) with paper or aluminum

foil laminated paper as raw materials. By changing the mold, various shapes

(round, square, and special-shaped) and specifications paper plates can be

produced. It greatly improves the machine's performance, reduces workers' labor

intensity, and can realize multi-machine operations by one person. DETAILS PHOTO

FAQ Q1: What is the entire process of making paper plates? PE

Coating-Slitting-Printing-Die Cutting-Forming Paper Plates-Packing are the steps

in the process. The Printing Machine, Die Cutting Machine, Paper Plate Forming

Machine, and Packing Machine are all part of the production line. If this is

your first time working on this project, only do the forming procedure, which

means only purchase the paper plate forming machine; you can buy the shaped

paper from others. Q2: What information should I provide you if I want a quote?

A: How many plates do you plan to make? B: What is the exact size and shape? C:

Can you tell me what kind of paper you use? Q3: What kinds of plates can this

machine make? It is widely used in making round (rectangle, square, circular, or

irregular) paper plates (or aluminum foil laminated paper plates). Machine speed

varies with material thickness and plate size. After-sales 1: 1 year warranty

service 2- One year of free part replacement (free shipping). 3- Parts are

provided free of charge for the first two years. However, there is no free

shipping. Save time with remote guidance! 1-We supply an Operation and

Maintenance CD. 2-If there is a problem with the machine, please take a video

and email it to us. 3-We will arrange for professionals to assist you in working

with it via video or document tutorials.Paper Container Forming Machine



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